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BlackBerry Developer Journal

Volume 3
Issue 1
January 2006


BlackBerry Resources

Visualization as a Development Tool

  • How to use visualization and goal setting to improve your life and develop world-class software

B Reel: From concept to design

  • How to build a movie tracking database application

IPD File Format

  • All of the inner details about the IPD file format that is used for BlackBerry Back Up and Restore

The BlackBerry Graphical User Interface: Part 2 - Direct Screen Drawing

  • Explores how to use the Graphics class to draw directly to a screen or field

Using WBXML Parsing to Send Data to Wireless Devices

  • A tutorial on how Wireless binary XML (WBXML) offers a cost-saving alternative to XML documents by replacing customized XML tags with a binary value

Object Grouping

  • Coding persistent store applications to reduce reliance on object handles

The Object versus Service dilemma

  • Making room for OO in Web Services

Would you like some testing with that?

  • Some common issues facing developers and testers in the industry

API Spotlight: BlackBerry does GPS

  • This installment goes into extreme detail on the fundamentals of GPS technology, and specific details of GPS for BlackBerry devices and how to develop software for it.

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